2 Hs, 2 As, 2 Ns. What’s that spell?! Well, Hannah of course. That’s me! The teddy bear giving me a hug in that picture down there, well that is my super wonderful boyfriend, Matt. We are a couple of recent post grad, DIY dorks living in St. Louis. This is our blog to document and share the creation of our lives and everything in them.

              This is us!

This blog will mainly be me writing, but Matt will be included for sure. He’ll make a photo appearance every now and then and I know he will get lots of due credit for being my handy man and my taste tester. I must say, we make a pretty good team when it comes to creating.

At age 5 I remember making a blue birdhouse with my dad in the garage. This is the first DIY project I can remember and I loved every minute of it, thus inspiring the name of this blog (more on that here). Not only did I get to spend time hanging out with my favorite man in my life, my dad, but I also got to see nothing become something. I just thought that was the bee’s knees.

My very first DIY project…the birdhouse that is. The contraption on my head is a different story.

Just like most children, as I grew up I started to become much more logical than creative. I was focused on getting into college, choosing the right major and getting a job. While I was focused on the practicality of my life I never lost the passion to actually create a life. Now that college is behind me (tear*) and I have a big girl office job (with the cutest cubical known to man) I have started to get back to my love of all things domestic.

Here on Aviary you will read all about my adventures in being a part-time domestic goddess. Posts will include DIY projects, decorating, cooking, fashion, and travel…basically all things I am totally obsessed with.


2 thoughts on “About

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  2. I got your change of address card in the mail and I decided to check out the address on the bottom of it, and I love this! I love you guys, and I wish I could cook like you!! Now I can not only keep up with you both, I can see pictures too! 🙂 Hope to see you guys soon!

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