Shine Bright Like a Diamond

What is it about the holidays that prompts like every boyfriend in America to propose to his beloved GF? You could trip over guys down on bended knee. Careful guys, if you don’t get yourself a fiancee between Thanksgiving and New Years, you’re out of luck. No more ladies. No more rings. No more love. That’s it. When the clock strikes midnight that carriage turns into a pumpkin

Okay, okay enough with the sarcasm. I had a bunch of friends who were lucky enough to score some rocking new jewels over the holidays. To congratulate my lovely lady friends, I made them little cookie goody bags. I found this tutorial on Bake at 350, a baking blog I am totally smitten with, and gave it a go.

480Supplies ready to go!



Diamonds taking shape 🙂


After the outlining and flooding.



Diamond details.




Pretty, pink and sparkly!



All the final details and sparkles. Who doesn’t love shiny things?! Especially if they are edible cookies!





All bagged up and ready to be shipped off to my gal pals.

I had so much fun making these cookies I can’t wait to try more! Good thing Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Let’s be honest, I could find any excuse to make cookies. I hope my friends love their surprise treats. Congratulation to everyone who was recently ringed!


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