Comida Mexicana!

25 Before 25 Update: cooking class completed on March 1st 2013

I have always loved to cook. I grew up in a family where both my parents knew their way around the kitchen and could always improvise a good meal. I consider myself lucky to have always had a home-cooked meal growing up and to have that passion for cooking instilled in me.

By no means would I call myself a top chef, but I can read a recipe and throw some things together. I think it helps that I really enjoy it. I thought a cooking class would be a fun way to learn a few new things. A local grocery store offers a variety of different cooking classes throughout the year. I found a class meant for couples and convinced Matt to go with me. He is a little scared of the kitchen and it totally unfamiliar with cooking. We also got our friends Krissy and Brian to go on this little double date with us.


The class was 2 hours long and had a Mexican theme. It was different than I expected. We all arrived and were seated in front of a large demonstration kitchen. The host/chef went through all the recipes for that night and then broke us off into couples to make our individual dishes.




Matt and I got to make the churros. Yay dessert!

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Krissy and Brian were in charge of the guacamole. I love chips and guac!


When everybody was finished we set up a big buffet line and we got to sample a bit of every dish.


Overall the class was a really great date night. The four of us loved it and want to do it again. Next time we will know to BYOB! You can start off the class drinking your own wine or beer. We missed this opportunity during this class, but next time we know: booze + cooking = awesome.  As far as learning goes, this isn’t really the kind of thing to improve technique, but I did walk away with a few good recipes to add to my own collection. I might keep my eyes peeled for other classes in the area that will have skills focus.


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