Twenty Twelve

2012. What can I say about you? The world didn’t end, so that’s good news. Honestly, 2012 was a fantastic year and I was incredibly blessed to have so many great experiences.


For Christmas, Santa brought Matt and I a little yearbook of our first official year as a couple. It is one of my favorite gifts ever. I cherish it so much because it is full of firsts and memories. Thanks to Shutterfly you can take a virtual peek into our family year book by clicking HERE.

Photobook Year 1

This will become an annual tradition. Every Christmas we will get a book to reflect and relive on the past year spent together. I really couldn’t think of anything better. I can’t wait to see how our collection grows and the contents of the book changes.

In the spirit of reflection, I’d like to share with you a few things I learned this year. It’s not an excessive or elaborate list, but these lessons are worth their weight in Manolos and it would be rude of me not to share.

  1. Focus on making other people happy. (Yes this may seem simple (it is the golden rule after all), but when I have had an extremely long day of work, events, class, and running errands, all I want to do is go home and kick my heels off. Luckily I have a boyfriend who is so caring and sets such a great example, that when he asks me to swing by the store and pick him up some popcorn on my way home, I think to myself, what would Matt do? If I asked him to do the same for me, he would not hesitate at all and he would brave the scary grocery store to find me whatever I asked for. He would do it for me so I should do it for him.)
  2. Working at a place where you enjoy your coworkers makes all the difference.
  3. Taking a leap of faith can pay off big time.
  4. Reading signs while traveling is a major help…if you can read the language.
  5. Bribing yourself to get straight A’s in graduate school can really work.
  6. My body is a work in progress.
  7. Family is what you make it.
  8. One person can be the only person you need sometimes.
  9. Just because there is an open bar, doesn’t mean you should try one of every kind of drink. Mixing liquors = no good.
  10. Save money; it will help you out later.

That’s all I have for now. I hope 2012 was good to all of you! Does your family have a tradition of looking back on the year? Anyone else ever tried a family yearbook? Has mixing every kind of alcohol known to man ever landed anybody else with a 2 day long debilitating hangover?



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