High Five For Friday

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Yippee! Its Friday! This short 3 day work week has been awesome! I wish it was always like this. I am happy to link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday. I always love looking back at my week and appreciating the little things 🙂 . So here are 5 of my favorite things from this week!

  1. Our Christmas card! It is the first one Matt and I sent out together and I totally love it! I can’t wait to do this every year 🙂
  2. One of my very best friends from college got engaged on December 22nd. When I saw her name pop up on my phone, I knew. I am so overwhelmed with joy for her and her fiance. These kind of things just make my insides all warm and mushy. I felt like I was oozing love…and I’m not even the one getting married. I guess I just love love.
  3. With all of the traveling to visit family, Matt and I didn’t want to forget the importance of spending time alone together to celebrate the holiday. On December 23rd we opened our Christmas jammies and snuggled up to watch Christmas Vacation.
  4. On Christmas Eve morning Matt and I opened gifts from each other and ate homemade raspberry waffles from our new waffle iron.
  5. Part of our Christmas weekend was spend in Chicago visiting family. We had a blast wandering around the city seeing all the Christmas decorations. So beautiful! Next up?! New York City! (I wish 🙂 ). Don’t you just love Matt’s 80’s workout gear looking ear warmer?! Oh well it was blustery and cold. A mans got to do what a mans got to do.

How was everybody else’s week!? Did you have an amazing holiday? Take any trips? Anybody you know get engaged? I’m sure somebody did. Holiday season is also known as engagement season. I heard on the radio that about 40% of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Years. Holy Cats! Feel the love!

Have a great weekend!



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