Merry Christmas!

So I am late with this post. Go figure. In fact, I think I need this shirt.

sorry Im late

I digress.

This post was supposed to be about our first Christmas card. I forced Matt to get pictures taken with me in early November so we would have a nice photo to send out on a Christmas card. (Any of my previous roommates will totally understand that I have an obsession with “family” photos and I always insist on people taking them with me.) Well, we paid a photographer upfront, got our pictures taken and then got taken for a ride. It is taking everything I have not to reveal who the scoundrel is, but in the spirit of the season I will not slander. Basically, I am out a bunch of money and never got my disc of photos like I was promised. So the next best thing was to send out a little text message card via one of my favorite apps, Red Stamp. I would much rather have sent out a traditional card via parcel post, but we waited so long hoping that our pictures would come in the mail that we missed the opportunity to send a  postcard hello to our friends and family.

Here is our first Christmas [texted] card.


Here is to hoping that next year we will have a better experience. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and celebrated with their friends and family. I tried to count my infinite blessings and say thank you for all I have. It it truly a wonderful life.



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