High Five for Friday



Its here! Its here! Its here! Well…almost. Christmas is almost here and the last week was spent gearing up for the holiday. Most of my shopping, wrapping and gifting was completed, but here are some things I did do throughout the week.

1. Last weekend started off with Matt’s company holiday party. It was a blast! I got to meet the coworkers he talks about all the time and we played some drinking games. Left, Center, Right was a new one for me and it was really fun!

2. A secretary at my office is extremely crafty! Shes one of those people that was totally born with the ability to make something from nothing. She made this little firefighter robot from objects found at the 9/11 site. I just think it is totally adorable.

3. My new earrings! Love how festive they are without being cheesy. Learn more here!

4. I love looking at our Christmas tree every morning when I wake up. Matt turns the lights on for me before he leaves for work because he knows how happy it makes me. Can’t you just feel the warm fuzzies?!

5. Awesome song + “extra festive” version = epic song.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a very merry Christmas! I can’t wait to celebrate and count my blessings 🙂 .



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