Luxe for Less: Kate Spade Earrings

Kate Spade how I love you. Your use of color is devine and your classic whisy feel is right up my alley. I saw these earrings floating all over pinterest and I just knew I had to have them. These are called the Bourgeois Bow Stud Earrings and they sell at Nordstrom for about $45. As much as I love these cuties for the holidays, it was my mission to find a substitute for a cheaper price.



Success! Major success! I found these lookers at Kohl’s for $2.99! Perfection!

Gift bow earrings

earrings instagram

I love finding a deal! I feel like I have a million little cheerleaders scremaing for joy as I checkout at the register. $42 saved! Money in my pocket and bows on my ears. Boom. Winning.



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