High Five For Friday






This week was the week of giviving! I spent a lot of time making and giving gifts to co-workers. I love crafting so it was totally enjoyable. Even better though was the reaction from people. Everyone adored their homemade goodies. What has your week been like? Give or get any good DIY gifts?

(Thanks Lauren at From My Grey Desk for hosting this link up!)

  1. These monogram mugs from Anthropologie are totally adorable! I put together little coco packets and stuffed them inside each mug. Precious.
  2. After my final final of the semester I came home, drank wine and put together these manly little gift bags for some of Matt’s co-workers. Jack and Coke anyone?! Next year to step it up a notch I think I will include a mustache cookie 🙂 .
  3. For the ladies and Matt’s work I concocted a peppermint sugar body scrub and packaged it in mini mason jars.
  4. I got my new washi tape from Downtown Tape and I am totally loving it. My favorite is the one that says “made with love”. It is so perfect for my homemade crafts and treats.
  5. I gave in and ate one of the white chocolate golden oreos I made for my work’s gift fair. It was soooo yummy and a perfect afternoon pick me up.

Have a great weekend!



One thought on “High Five For Friday

  1. The little jack & cokes made me giggle! I’m going to have that ready for when my boyfriend gets home from deployment! Although I’ll have to have the actual size bottle two otherwise he’ll be like…that’s cute but where’s the rest? Lol! These are some really cute ideas! Great Post!

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