Breckenridge: Better Late Than Never

I am big on celebrations; a happy dance for awesome cookies, a new Tory Burch bag for straight A’s, and in this case a trip for our 1 year anniversary.

We like to refer to October 1st, 2011 as the day I finally let Matt be my boyfriend. I guess we could say I was a little resistant to the idea for a while. Luckily Matt was persistent and didn’t give up on me. To celebrate this day in history we took a lovely little fall trip to Breckenridge, CO.

October in Colorado is the beginning of the off season, which could be a con for some folks, but we seriously loved it. The aspens were turning, the weather was perfect, and there weren’t a lot of crowds.


Check into our condo

Breckenridge Bike Bus Pub Crawl



Main Street

Booth Lake Trail

Cine Bistro (Vail)


Vail Pass Mountain Biking

Butterhorn Bakery (Frisco)

Zook’s Coffee and Ice Cream (Denver)

Phew! You successfully made it through our overload of vacation photos. Reward yourself with some ice cream or something. I am a big fan of ice cream. Our vacation wasn’t long (even though this post is) but it was a great quick getaway to celebrate being us.

Much love!


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