Luxe for Less: West Elm Lamp

Like I have previously mentioned, our living room has zero lights. That’s right zilch. Like grab some black lights and some glow sticks and rage it can get so dark in there after the sun goes down. While I loved a white shirt, neon paint kind of party back in the day when I’m kicking back and munching on some popcorn, I need to see whats going on. Seriously, I have major issues getting food in my mouth. Lighting can only help this situation.

Yellow table lamps have been all over the design scene. This is the first one I saw was in a West Elm catalog. I feel head over heels. Not only is it shiny, bright and cheery, but it also has a bit of a retro feel to it. “Hello, Sterling Cooper Draper Price.”  I needed this thing…like bad.

Alas, I am a cheapskate. That might be kind of an ugly word. Lets go with frugal, savvy, resourceful, or even economical. I don’t like wasting, or seeing my money go to something that I know I could find cheaper. Yes, for a lot of people, West Elm is the more thrifty version in comparison to other stores but, not for me. Womp womp womp.

In the case of this West Elm lamp, I knew I could make something very similar. I found this lamp on for $15.74. Holy smokes! Cue the confetti cannons! 65% off. That is my kind of deal.

To get the sunshiney look I desired, I swooped up a small can of yellow spray paint at Michael’s and got to work.

It took about a grand total of 5 minutes and I was done! Just a few strokes of paint to only the inside of the hollow glass base and I got a shiny, happy West Elm inspired lamp. I added a white shade, also found at Target, and my lamp was complete. All for a little over $30. That’s over a 50% savings. Cha Ching!

Ta-Da!!! Has anybody else been inspired to DIY something they saw and loved, but wasn’t willing to pay for? I would love to hear stories!

Have a great week!


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