Craigslist Find

We have been swooning over chairs like these for a while now. They would just be so perfect for our little reading nook.

Source: $145

Source: Wayfair $256.99

Source: West Elm $399

Source: Target $149

Even though you can find some good priced chairs at Target, we still didn’t want to spend over $300 for chairs in our reading nook. So I  hopped on Craigslist one afternoon and found 2 beige arm-less chairs for $50. That’s $50 TOTAL. Man you better believe I hopped on that deal. After a few quick emails, the chairs were saved for me and we picked them up that evening.

Here are the lovely ladies.

No, they are not in a fun or vibrant pattern like we were initially going for, but that is alright with us! For the savings, the beige was totally worth it. If I was really ambitious, I might try to conquer reupholstering these, but for now I am just going to settle with adding a pop of color with throw pillows and we will be good to go! Yippee! (Maybe I will try the reupholstering thing down the road. I don’t even have a sewing machine right now.)


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