Luxe for Less: J. Crew

Anybody who is on Pinterest or pays the slightest bit of attnetion to the fashion world knows about the J. Crew bauble. This necklace has gone viral. It is a serious statement piece, but it seems to go with everything. Honestly it is just so lovely.

Here is some bauble pinsperation for you. All photos from Pinterest.



I have wanted one since last spring but I wasn’t willing to dish out the $150. Like my Momma always said, patience is a virtue and this time, waiting totally paid off. Durning my daily lunchtime blog review, I saw Caroline G. featured on The Small Things Blog. When I saw she was selling super similar neckalces for a fraction, and when I say fraction, I mean a smidge, a miniscule percent of the J. Crew price. The necklace at Caroline G. was $14.99! Say what?! Oh yeah baby you heard me right. The price of less than a few skim chai lattes at Starbucks. Obvioulsy I couldn’t help myself. I had to buy one…okay, okay I bought two. SCORE!!!

Here is a pick of my hot pink Faux Crew bauble necklace.

Here is the actual thing.

So what if its Faux Crew? It is delightful non the less. Look at all the bubble gum pink goodness! Who else isn’t down for paying full price? Anybody else get any steals out there? I’d love to hear about your bargain hunting ways.



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