Wastey Space

One of the main things we wanted to do with our living room was to divide it up into multiple usable spaces. Our first thought of what to do with the area behind the couch was to create and entryway/mud room kind of thing. I found so many inspiring photos and was totally in awe of how people transformed and made use of their space. Just take a peek at these. They’ve got the prits for sure.

If they turned a blank wall into an entry way so can we! Source: Casa de Lewis

Look at this beautiful hallway entry. I’m digging the runner. Source: Unknown

A little wall under the stairs made into a catch all for the entry. The definitely captured my heart with the green. Source: Houzz.com

You won’t find Harry Potter under these stairs. Nope,  just a precious little entry way. Source: Bower Power Blog

After much thought I decided to steer us away from this. While I totally love the entryway concept, it just isn’t the most practical for us. We don’t have a gaggle of kiddos and all the baggage (literally) that comes with them. Although, the amount of shoes and bags laying around might imply otherwise. Ooops. I like my accessories 🙂 Plus, our apartment has a front door and a back door. I use the door from the garage and Matt uses the one in front. Having one location to spill isn’t convenient for both of us.

Now that we knew what wouldn’t work for us, we had to decide what we needed and wanted in the space. This is what we came up with:

  • Extra seating with chair(s) that can be moved around if we are having guests over.
  • Lighting because the living room is awfully dark due to the fact that there are no overhead lights.
  • Storage. Does that really need any explanation?
  • A place for Matt to drop his keys and wallet.
  • Pretty touches, because that just what I like. I like pretty things.

Here is the mood board I created to get us going in the right direction. For lack of a better description, I hereby name this little chickadee of a room, the reading area.



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