Designing Women: Amie Corley Interiors

From my many years of being obsessed with What Not to Wear I have heard and absorbed the phrase “It doesn’t have to match; it has to go.” Stacy and Clinton not only have this right for clothes, but for home fashions as well. This the only rule I follow when it comes to designing and decorating my house. One of my biggest pet peeves is matchy matchy furniture sets or strict color schemes.  The ability to mix color and patterns shows depth and expertise in styling. When I stumbled upon Amie Corley’s Design Sponge feature, I was totally in lust. She uses bold prints and colors, but keeps them balanced with more subdued pieces. Better yet, she started her interior design business in St. Louis! I love it when somebody so chic and talented is in the midwest. This is a lady after my heart.

Just check out these pictures of her work. You will love it too. (All photos taken from Amie’s Design Sponge feature.)

That table! Divine!

Lucite, fur, animal print. Only one word can describe that: glam.

I L.O.V.E. love this color combo. This picture is an inspiration to my own home design efforts.

Like I said, mixing patterns feels and looks sophisticated. That is, if you do it right and golly gee Amie totally did.

I clawfoot table?! Need I say more?

This is so chic and cozy. I just want to cuddle up here after work, read a book, and sip my chai latte. But, the thing that makes it even better is that the chaise once belonged to her grandmother. With a spark of creativity Amie recreated it using  Brunschwig’s Les Touches. You can even get some pillows with the same print from her etsy shop!

This bathroom is beyond. It is totally luxe. But then wait a second, boom, she adds something unexpected and totally whimsy; that rubber duck. That little touch makes the room seem more down to earth. It makes it feel homey. I totally love it.

I am totally in awe and have a major design crush on this now St. Louis lady. Apparently, a lot of other people like her too 🙂 She has been featured in Cottages and Bungalows, Southern Living, and  St. Louis At Home.

Keep up the fabulous work Amie!



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