Crawlin in the Spiderwebs, Leave a Message and I’ll Call You Back

As I am sure most couples/families do we have an issue with mail. Everyday the mail is just dumped on the kitchen island. Then when I’m making dinner I move it to a small part of the kitchen counter that never gets used. This mail pile up irritates me every day. Why does it not have a home? Where can we put this stuff?

Matt and I were browsing the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and we were sucked into the rows and rows and rows of old doors. Unfortuantly/fortunatley our apartment has all the doors necessary so we decided to go for an unconvential door use. We found this skinny little guy and thought it would be the perfect message center for our kitchen. For $5 it was one heck of a deal and we couldn’t pass it up.

The door sat around in the basement for a while until I finally had a free day on the weekend with beautiful weather. I decided my Sunday was meant to be spent outside, painting and enjoying the sun.

First I dusted, washed, and dried the door.

Then I filled in the holes with wood putty.

Next I sanded the whole thing down a bit to make for a smooth surface to paint on. I was my no means trying to remove all the existing paint.

To make the door become a message center and not just a door I was going to paint the middle part with chalkboard paint. To do this, I taped it all off using painters tape and then secured a plastic dropcloth around the exterior edges fo the door. I was using chalkboard spray paint and I didnt want any leakage.

Then came painting the rest of it. We decided to go with a shade of red…or so we thought. Red is Matt’s favorite color, but I am not a huge fan, so we agreed upon using it as an accent color in our place instead of the dominanat color. I started painting and after 1 coat we were like “uhh…that seems orange.” We deicded to keep going hoping it would get darker. Nope. 3 coats later and it is still a burnt orange mess.

Here it is for now, but soon we will be updating the color. We need to try a different red. This one totally didn’t work for us.

We are also going to add a cork board, clips, and some sort of basket thing. I’ll post an update when we have a hopefully prettier version.



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