Euro Trip Day 3

Getting on TV!

The third day of our trip was dedicated to all things Olympic. We headed out to Olympic Village on the outskirts of London and then found out that you couldn’t even get in to wander around unless you had a ticket to an event. Major bummer. Across the street from the village was an awesome mall. We wandered around there for a bit totally enjoying seeing people representing all different countries. We got on some British news station for showing our American/Olympic spirit. We saw athletes from Russia and Japan. Then we had a fresh authentic English lunch at a pub I read about called Bumpkin. It was so quaint and totally delicious. Since this area wasn’t ideal for watching the games (London was lacking in some major areas of this) we headed back to the city. We asked some locals about the best place to watch the games and they Directed us to Potter’s Field. Boy, were they right! It was AWESOME!!! We sat in a park right nest to the Tower Bridge and watched some women’s gymnastics with all the Brits. They had a beer garden and everything. It was a perfect afternoon. That evening we hopped on a train and headed north to Edinburgh Scotland.


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