Living Room Plans

“Living room” sounds so formal. I wish people would just call it what it is, a “fuse to the couch and be lazy room” or maybe for you Fresh Prince fans a “chillin’ out, maxin, relxin, all cool room”. Oh well, not trying to change culture here. ( I bet you are now singing the Fresh Prince theme song. I am!)

As you can see here, our living room is just a plain box. No personality or pizzaz at all. The original hardwood floors give it some charm and we sure do love our wall of windows, but We want to make this place feel like us. We are going to spruce this baby up a bit. Here is a mood board of inspiration for us and then below is a list of all the things we would like to do.

Living Room Inspiration
To Do:
  1. Paint the walls DONE!
  2. Convert the 1 large room into 2 different living spaces. One for watching TV and hanging out and the other…we are too sure about yet
  3. Build a coffee table
  4. Dress up the coffee table with decorative accents and functional pieces
  5. Build an end table DONE! Here it is! We will show you placement soon 🙂
  6. Finish off our entertainment center that has been unfinished for almost an entire year
  7. Liven up our beautiful cream couch with fun pillows
  8. Add lighting because there is none in the room right now
  9. Create storage for books, blankets, magazines
  10. Come up with some decoration for above the TV
  11. Hang Matt’s beloved golf poster on the wall DONE!
  12. Find and buy occasional/accent chairs
  13. Convince Matt that we need curtains for decorative purposes, then find and hang said curtains. (We have blinds which he thinks are fine because they serve the purpose. I tried to explain that curtains are like the shoes of an outfit. They complete the ensemble and are totally necessary. That analogy didn’t fly though  😦 )

I am sure I am missing things on here, but I will be sure to add anything else I think of. Anybody else do that? Add something to your list just so you can cross it off. I am totally guilty of it. I do it even when I am grocery shopping.

We obviously have some sharing to do 🙂



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