I Like Turtles

Seriously, who hasn’t seen this video?!

I have an eye for turtles. My sorority infected me with this turtle spotting disease. If I see a turtle I feel the need to shout it out. I am just drawn to them. While I was in Nashville I spotted this little turtle at the West Elm store. I immediately fell in love with his white ceramic body, but for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to shell out (loving the pun) the $14 for it.

Ceramic Turtle

While I was at my favorite flea market (discovered here) I spotted this ugly little turt. He is a $5 gem. 

I couldn’t walk away from that depressing little face. I knew that I could turn this unfortunate lawn ornament into a precious little shelf decoration for my apartment. I had seen two of my favorite bloggers do similar things before, so I had confidence that I could beautify this guy. See Sherry from Young House Love and her transformation here and Katie from Bower Power here.

I gave Mr. Turtle one coat of primer and one coat of white enamel paint and this is how he turned out.


I’m loving his chic updated look. I also love that I saved myself $9. It’s not a huge amount of dough, but it can buy me a decent amount of peanut m&ms.

I can’t wait to find him a home!


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