We Like to Move it Move it

After many months of discussion, anticipation and excitement, the day finally came when Matt and I got to become roomies 🙂
In May we spent about 3 weeks apartment hunting. I had a very long list of things that I wanted and Matt didn’t have a list, but he had opinions. Thanks to the internet we eliminated a lot of options before the visiting stage of the process. We walked through 3 different units in 3 different types of buildings. I fell in love with the first one in a four family flat. Matt, being super practical and not wanting to make an impulsive decision he stuck to his guns about seeing the other 2 properties. Next was the loft style unit. I wasn’t really feeling it. I had 2 years of loft living under my belt and I was ready to make the transition to some place cozy and homey. The loft was still in the running in Matt’s eyes. Lastly we drove out to an apartment complex which was the one Matt was most excited about seeing. I was very hesitant to go because I was so against the idea of apartment complex living. I overcame my stubbornness, put on my “positive polly” hat and walked through the unit. Yes, it had an updated kitchen, but it was small, felt like a box and lacked any trace of charm or character. It was so generic and it just didn’t feel like us. Matt didn’t understand the  “feel like us” concept, but he agreed it was small. I was totally convinced on what I wanted so I scheduled another appointment to go back and look at the four family unit. Luckily the second time around Matt was feeling it. We agreed upon the unit, filled out our applications, paid the deposit and were approved. Yippee!!!
Between the end of May and the beginning of July we did a lot of planning, preparing and buying things for our new home. I’ll skip those details for now and explain another time.

Celebrating my birthday.

The morning of my 23rd birthday finally arrived on July 22nd and Matt and I began the move bright eyed and bushy tailed. I was so eager and excited I couldn’t even stand it.
After grabbing some sustenance at Panera, we headed to the moving truck rental place. When we arrived there was quite the line and we realized they were having technical problems. Bummer. We were there for about an hour before we finally headed out. Late start to the day.
Then we drove to pick up our new beauty of a couch that we bought from Phillips Furniture. The process was smooth…minus a few wrong directions given by me…oops. Sorry!
Before we started the move, we had a little ice cream cake to celebrate my birthday. I made my wish, blew out the candles and downed some deliciousness. Then the hard part began.
The next 5 hours were tedious but not nearly as bad as it could have been. I was the more prepared for this move than any of the other 10 in the past 6 years. Normally my move consisted of “throw all my shit into the car and lets go.” I have acquired many lots more things over the years, and while it is a pain, it is my entire life and all of my things. I think I have one box left of items at my parents house. I can furnish my entire apartment and I think that is a good thing. Moving out of my loft consisted of piling boxes on a make shift dolly, rolling it down the hall to the elevator, taking the elevator down to the parking garage, maneuvering out of the garage, rolling the dolly down a ramp, and then arranging everything in the truck. Matt proved to be a master packer. The thing was like a well constructed puzzle. We rolled out of my loft in the late afternoon. Everything I had was in tow, even my traditional birthday ice cream cake in my car. Mud Pie anyone?!
What was supposed to be a quick drive by pick up our new mattress and box spring turned into quite the ordeal. Mattress firm didn’t have the bed we ordered even though we called to confirm about 2 weeks in advance that we would be picking it up on the 22nd. Even trying to be responsible on moving day doesn’t always pay off. Apparently Mattress Firm is the monopoly in our area and has about 4 more stores within a few miles of where we currently were. The sales associate called around and found our mattress at one location and our box spring at another. We made 2 more stops at 2 more stores and picked up our much needed new bed.  The what should have been 30 minute process turned into an hour and half.

The truck with everything, including the bed, all loaded up.

On the last leg of the journey from Mattress Firm #3 to our apartment we had a causality. Driving down a busy road I noticed the ice cream cake was now ice cream soup and was leaking out of the Tupperware. Coffee ice cream and fudge were, pooling in one of my hats, dripping down my front passenger seat, and covering our DVD player. I pulled over into a parking lot immediately and poured out the cake. (Matt and the moving truck kept driving and had no idea what I was doing.) It was kind of tragic. I wiped everything up with the towels that I had in my car and shed a tear. Just kidding, but I was really sad. Granted, I was the girl who thought it would be a good idea to transport an ice cream cake in 105 degree heat. I was optimistic about it 🙂 (I did manage to save the Oreo crust and Matt and I have been munching on it for the past week. Yummy!)
Finally we both made it to our new apartment 🙂 We walked up the steps, unlocked the door and went in together.
It was a big blank open canvas and it was out new home. We looked around and inspected our new digs before we started unloading. The unloading went a lot quicker than the loading. I don’t know why that is, but I sure was thankful for that. We were running out of steam. The only little snafu we had with this process, was my lack of upper body strength. I had to help matt carry our new large sectional into the apartment. Boy was it rough. Matt was patient with me and my lack of muscle. I didn’t totally fail at my duties though because we got every piece in successfully. The entire time I was thinking “gosh, If I could push this thing in there with my legs, we would be golden.” Everything after that was a piece of cake…figuratively speaking, because our literal cake was no more. RIP Mud Pie. 
By this point in the day we were totally starving! Why didn’t we eat lunch?! Before we could leave the house, showers we totally in order. Stinky doesn’t begin to describe it. God, we smelled AWFUL!   
When we were fresh and clean we got take out from Noodles and Company and bummed around on our new couch. It was the perfect ending to a very exciting day.
And so begins our new chapter…

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