Pottery Baren’t

Despite the ample closet space in my bedroom, I realized the need for a dresser for T-shirts and things that don’t make sense to be hanging.

Instead of going to a big box store, Matt took me to my first ever flea market. I was totally floored. Among all the junk, clutter and sometimes what I would consider trash, there were treasures to be found. I loved the hunt.

Unfortunately, we were almost done walking through all the booths when Matt spotted a black and white dresser covered with a blanket. The dresser was being used as a display case, so I wasn’t sure if it was for sale. Little did I know, everything at a flea market is for sale. We rushed over to the booth and asked the vendor how much he was selling the dresser for. $15.00! I thought I heard him incorrectly, but nope, he said $15.00. We swooped that baby right up! It was totally exhilarating.

This is what our little treasure looked like before:

It was dated, a tad gaudy, and not really my style, but we saw the potential. This was a gem of a find. In fact, it reminded me on a Pottery Barn dresser I had seen a few weeks before. Here is a picture of the Pottery Barn dresser that is sold for $999. Way out of my price range for sure.

We gave our flea market ugly duckling a makeover by sanding it down, repainting it solid white and updating the hardware. Here is a picture of our beauty after.

This one of a kind creation cost about $75 total. That is way cheaper than the Pottery Barn version. Actually about $925 cheaper! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO! Despite the awesome savings, I like my dresser better for a few reasons. 1. Nobody else has it. 2. The hardware makes it seem more contemporary and less traditional. 3. Matt and I got to make it together.

We transformed something from flea market bargain to bedroom beauty.


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