Using What Our Father’s Gave Us

Matt and I both caught the DIY bug from our Fathers so it was only appropriate that we celebrated Father’s Day by putting our skills and knowledge to good work.

We headed to the Winslow’s house on Sunday morning and set up shop in their driveway. They have way more tools than we do and they actually have outdoor space so we don’t have to build stuff in my living room. Trust me, it has happned. There was sawdust everywhere. Not good.

Here are the pictures of our project from start to finish. Mr. Winslow even got in on the action and helped us with some of the finishing touches.

Our supplies

Making some cuts

Starting to take shape

Framing up the table top

Laying out our plan

Break time 🙂

Table legs before…

…table legs after 1 coat of paint

Starting the very tedious process of adding all the spacers

Table top after some stain

Adding the legs

The final nail

The finished product!

New end table

It feels kind of Restoration Hardware-ish to us and I am totally happy about it!


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