Cookie Lovers Creation

Last Wednesday was Administrative Professional’s Day. I wanted to make a treat for  the secretary in my department I work as a token of appreciation. Mary is totally OBSESSED with chocolate chip cookies. I thought it was kind of boring and predictable to bring in a plate full of cookies, so I made her something else that incorporate cookies.

I created a semi-homemade chocolate chip cookie cake. No, not just a regular old giant cookie referred to as a cookie cake, but a sinful combination of cookie dough, cake, and cookies.

First I started by making the cookie dough filing for the cake. I found the recipe from Fake Ginger. In an attempt to make this not immediately clog the arteries, I used the whole wheat cake flour instead of white all purpose.  I also used more than the recommended amount of chocolate chips. More chocolate is always better right?

Here is the cookie dough all mixed together. I could eat it with a spoon. Yum yum yum!

While the dough was setting and thickening in the fridge, I made 2 9″ yellow cakes. I just used store bought mix and it worked great. If you have more time than I did, feel free to home make the cake, or put your own spin on it.

I followed the instructions on the box and them let the cakes cool for a bit. Not going to lie, I popped them in the freezer to speed the process. When they were finished cooling, I cut the tops off of the cakes to make them a bit more level.

The cakes went back into the freezer for the last time while I ate dealt with the cookie dough. I rolled the cookie dough into balls and placed them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Don’t you just want to plop some of those in your mouth?! My roommates did, that’s for sure.

The cookie dough balls were begging for a new home so I frosted one of the cake layers with store bought frosting. I opted for chocolate frosting because I have always been more partial to chocolate than vanilla.

I randomly arranged the dough bites on top of the decadent bed of cake and chocolate frosting.

On went another layer of chocolate frosting and another layer of cake. So its kind of like the big mac of cakes.

Cover that naked stack up with some more sweet, sweet frosting. This time I used vanilla because  1. I looks better. 2. It balances everything out.

Again, in the effort of saving time, I went with store bought cookies for the outside of the cake. Homemade chocolate chip cookie are delicious without a doubt, but the chips ahoy chewy cookies are pretty gosh darn good. I lined the perimeter of the cake with the cookies stuck to the edges vertically. I then placed cookies on top of cake. Again, around the edge. After the cookies were all in place, it still looked kind of plain with all that white vanilla showing through. I took the liberty of sprinkling this big guy with mini chocolate chips. Below is the final product.

Close your mouth.

Seriously, stop drooling. It is not attractive.

As I am sure you guessed, it was totally and completely delectable. My apologies for not getting a picture of the inside of the cake when  we cut into it, but there were swarms of people around this thing. It didn’t last more than 10 minutes. I literally had 2 women follow me off the elevator just so they could get a piece of this cake.

For all  you cookie lovers out there, this is heaven on earth.

Cookie Lovers Creation = HEAVENLY


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