Going to the Chapel

No, not me sillys! Just keep reading and you will find out all the juicy deets.
A lovely little package from Fort Smith, Arkansas arrived in my mailbox the other day. I rarely get mail besides bills and junk so you could say I was thoroughly excited to rip through that brown paper packaging and find out what was inside…not before I took a picture of it though. 🙂
I only know 2 people who live in Fort Smith and they actually live together; My dear old friend Leah and her fiancé Colby. Let me just tell you a little bit about Leah before I move on.
First let me just tell you that I feel like there are all different kinds of friends. Leah and I are the kind that don’t need to see each other all the time or talk on the phone everyday to keep our relationship strong. We have some special sort of bond that makes it like every time we get together, no time has passed at all. We just pick up right where we left off. This is a fantastic kind of friend to have.
Leah and I met when we were Freshman in college and lived on the same floor. Leah and I became friends, but didn’t hang out all of the time because we both had separate groups of friends and many other things going on. Leah was obsessed with her boyfriend at the time (who she is no longer with and I am very happy about that because I was never a fan of the kid) and I was living sorority life in full force.
Sophomore year, I moved into my sorority house and Leah moved in the apartments across the street. Then I decided to study abroad in Australia that Spring because I had cabin fever. While I was down under I devised a plan. I was going to come home a few days earlier than everybody thought and I was going to show up at the sorority house to surprise all my friends. For those of you who don’t know, I kind of have an obsession with surprises. Leah, being my only friend not in the sorority, was a crucial part of this plan. Leah was going to pick me up at the airport and take me to Elm Street to see everyone. Little did I know she had turned it all around on me and gave me the best surprise of my life. Leah and I were walking through the terminal to the baggage claim when I was bombarded by all my friends. I had never felt more loved, happy and excited in my whole life. That was all thanks to my little Leah Jean Bean.
I moved in with Leah that summer and we had quite the eventful summer of doing nothing but laying by the pool and drinking beer. It was a grand old-time. We moved to a new place and lived together all of Junior year. This is when she met the wonderful Colby Seiter. The beginning of their courtship was just a bit controversial so I can’t really go into detail on that subject, but feel free to let your imagination run wild.
We then went our separate ways for Senior year, but never seemed to drift apart. I appreciated our glee and ice cream nights. Leah would tell me about how in love she was with Colby and how she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. It kind of baffled me a bit at first, but then again I do believe in the “when you know, you know” theory. I was so excited and happy for her that she found herself a good man.
After graduation, Leah picked up and moved down to Fort Smith, Arkansas with Colby. Again, I was kind of baffled, because I was like “What the heck is down there? What are you going to do for work?” But, Leah was following her heart and that is something I truly admire her for. She doesn’t do anything half heartedly and when she loves somebody, man, she really loves them.

A couple of months flew by and the next thing I knew, I was talking to her on my drive down to Farmington, MO for Thanksgiving dinner with Matt’s family. Just some casual conversation and I was telling her about Matt because she had never met him and then out of nowhere I blurted out, “so are you guys getting engaged soon or what?” Perfect segway, because that was in fact the reason she had called me in the first place. Colby proposed to Leah a week or two before Thanksgiving and she was making the personal phone calls to people to tell them the news. I instantly started crying tears of joy. Being only 22, this is the first of my best friends to tell me she was engaged and I couldn’t contain my joy.
Then came the dress shopping. Leah found the perfect dress that totally suited her personality, style, and vision for the wedding. That’s about all I can say about that for now since the dress reveal obviously has to be a surprise for everyone on the wedding day. I will be sure to follow-up after the wedding with plenty of pictures.
Now, back to the whole reason I started the blog post. Sorry for my ramblings. That intriguing little brown box. Inside the brown wrapping was something preciously pink.
Want to know what was inside?! Well check it out!
This is how Lee Lee asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.
I was so flattered! I felt totally honored that Leah wanted me to be a part of her special day. She is having 5 bridesmaids and I can’t talk about all of this without a quick shout out to Leah’s amazing maid of honor, Gabbi. I mean look at these beauties.
I’m excited for all the bridal party and wedding happenings to come!
Congrats Leah Jean!

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